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The Losers


Web series about 2 roommates without a clue. Created by Beck Bennett. Starring Beck Bennett (SNL) & Will Greenberg (Wrecked).
Lives on Beck's YouTube channel.

Pretty Vacant

Development & Programming Executive

Pretty selfish, pretty random, pretty vacant...two clueless but entitled BFF's think they are God's gift to the world but for some odd reason, they can't seem to hold down a guy or roommate or job (it's because they're terrible people).
Starring: Avital Ash, Danielle Rene, Adrianne Pallicki (Marvel's Agents of Shield), Derek Phillips (Friday Night Lights), Simon Kassianides (Marvel's Agents of Shield), Ben Gleib (Chelsea Lately)
Directed by: Heath Cullens (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Deadbeat)
Streaming on Now9.

Highly Gifted

Programming Executive

Dave Alberts, a social flea in the highly gifted program at Roosevelt High, struggles to solve his beta male social and sexual status through research, trial and error, and intellectual analysis.
Starring: Josh Brener (Silicon Valley), Kesha, Nat Faxon (Married), Drake Bell (Drake & Josh), Ron Funches (Undateable), Arin Hanson, Jamie Curry, Alphacat, Taryn Southern, iJustine, Angela Kinsey (The Office).
Release TBA.

Maker Comedy

Programing Executive / Executive Producer

Maker Studios' owned and operated comedy brand (now rebranded as The Station). Consists of sketches and series, starring a variety of digital and traditional talent.
Most videos still living on youtube.com/thestation.

Next Time On Lonny

Programming Executive

As promised by its title, this comedy series is comprised of sneak peeks of the next installment of a non-existent reality show about a 20-something hipster named Lonny. Produced by Ben Stiller's Red Hour and Maker Studios. Starring Alex Anfanger, Adam Scott, Patton Oswalt, and Paul Scheer.
Originally released on Maker's comedy channel, Nacho Punch. Being re-released through Red Hour.


Executive Producer

Two pugs, Maya and Edgar, accidentally wish each other into a purgatorial dimension, searching for the wishbone in order to escape. They confront their fears along the way and discover their bonding along the way. Voiced by CutiePieMarzia and Pewdiepie (most subscribed YouTuber).
Currently living on CutiePieMarzia's YouTube channel.

Song Voyage

Programming Executive

A subversive comedy following the Gregory Brothers, our Musical heroes, as they travel the world to band together with offbeat musicians in remote locales. In each episode, the Gregory Brothers transform the various unforeseen challenges they encounter into wild success stories, using their idiosyncratic brand of comedy and music.
Releases December 2016.

The Remember Hour

Creative Executive

Taking place in the distant future, this puppet show is our only means of learning what happened before the “great calamity” via two idiot puppets who educate the youth of the current dystopia. Hosts, Skid and Rash have a very loose, very wrong understanding of what our world used to be like through the lens of gaming culture.
Releases December 2016.

Dan is Dead

Executive Producer

Orange and the Dead Ends are well on their way to becoming the biggest band in the world until their lead singer, Dan Orange, dies in a horrible car accident. What's a rock band desperate for fame to do? Hire a look-alike to take his place. Inspired by the Paul McCartney conspiracy theory, Dan is Dead explores the themes of fame, identity, and of course, rock & roll.
Starring: Drake Bell (Drake & Josh), Nikki Limo, Jade Catta-Preta (Californication), Mark Boone Jr. (Sons of Anarchy), Fred Melamed (Lady Dynamite, New Girl, A Serious Man), Andy Buckley (The Office).
Release TBA.

Hope & Randy

Programming Executive & Producer

Created by Two Trick Pony (No Tomorrow), Hope & Randy is a romantic comedy about the sweet and awkward sexual explorations of a pair of nineteen-year olds in their first serious relationship. Remember those first tentative steps into sexual and romantic adulthood? Remember the intimacies and embarrassments and joys of discovering (and accepting) yourself and one another? It’s like that…only worse. Starring Esther Povitsky (Lady Dynamite and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) and Mike Castle (Clipped).
Streaming on truTV.

Party Girl

Executive Producer

Party Girl follows a 20-something Lisa, as she navigates adulthood while working with a band of quirky co-workers at a Los Angeles party company that specializes in themed birthdays. Loosely based on her real life experiences. Starring: Lisa Schwartz, Beverly D'Angelo, Ed Begley Jr., and Shane Dawson.
Now streaming on Hulu and Freeform.

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Executive Producer and Creative Executive

During her tenure at Maker Studios, Neely has created and overseen multiple successes, including the launch of the company's first comedy brand and YouTube channel (garnering almost a million subscribers and millions of views) and dozens of viral videos from Maker's top talent. Additionally, she has executive produced over 10 full series, ranging from YA, comedy, gaming, and animation. Each series caters to the various platform requests, ranging in length and style, as well as brand identity. Basically, she's a platform and content chameleon.

As Director of Programming for Maker's comedy channel, Nacho Punch, Neely oversaw the creative voice, programming, development, production, staff, and distribution strategy (which included both original and branded content). Nacho Punch's content amassed millions of views and has been featured in Time, People, Good Morning America, The Huffington Post, GQ, Nerdist, Jezebel, and various blogs you've probably never read.

As executive producer, Neely has developed and overseen the production of a variety of series and sketches, starring a plethora of traditional and digital talent, including but not limited to: Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Adrianne Pallicki (Marvel's Agent's of Shield), Kesha (yes, Kesha the singer), Nat Faxon (Married), Ed Bagley Jr. (This is Spinal Tap), Pewdiepie (49M+ YT subscribers), CutiepieMarzia (6.7M+ YT subscribers), KassemG (2.6M+ YT subscribers), and Lisa Schwartz (2M+ YT subscribers).

As producer, Neely has overseen the production of multiple Maker top talent productions, ranging from Epic Rap Battles of History (2.4B+ views) and Shay Carl (YouTube's first family) to the Gregory Brothers (Songify the News sensations), Bobby Lee (you know who he is), and Good Neighbor (the former comedy troupe consisting of SNL stars, Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney).

Aside from YouTube, Neely has created content for Disney Channel, Hulu, Verizon Go90, Samsung, and TruTv. She has worked on co-productions with Ben Stiller's Red Hour and Two Trick Pony, creators of the current CW hit, No Tomorrow.

Besides quality storytelling, Neely has an unhealthy obsession with dogs and frozen yogurt.


Enjoy a small taste of the content that I've produced and overseen development/programming for over the past 5.5 years.

Look at the stuff I made.


Neely Shamam has been working in entertainment for over a decade, ranging from traditional media to joining the new frontier in the digital realm and multi­platform distribution. Neely is an experienced executive producer and creative executive with a passion for quality storytelling and the variety of platforms and formats in which to tell them. The types of content she holds closest to her heart are comedy, animation, and YA. She essentially shares the same interests as 14 year old girls and 25 year old guys - think Harry Potter meets fart jokes.